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About Us

Aria Infinity has been established for over 23 years and takes pride in producing high quality standards for our customers. Amir Karimi as a Video Editor and Director has 23 years experience in video production, some of which include AFG TV, MTV, CNN, Sydney Community Television CH31 and Aria Infinity for editing and directing many varieties of programs such as drama, television shows, sport, documentaries, corporate videos, celebrations, as well as editing home videos, photo slideshows and much more.

Since our commencement it has been our goal to create productions that have a unique look to them, while accurately reflecting the subject matter. Using creative editing techniques we create videos, rich in content and enjoyable to watch. Our objective is to provide our clients with high quality productions…where excellence meets value.

Aria Infinity has professional staff who are committed to providing our clients with the highest quality video around, and we take pride on giving you a unique personalized video that you will treasure forever, so please contact us today to edit your special videos.

We at Aria Infinity offer a wide range of computer services and repairs. We have trained technicians that can diagnose and repair computers and laptops, from replacing parts to installing software and retrieving data.

Services include:

  • Replace cracked laptop screens or broken keyboards

  • Replace iPad, notepad smashed screens

  • Replace faulty hardware and motherboards

  • Install software

  • Upgrade computer memory

  • Upgrade Windows

  • Remove viruses and Trojans

  • Recover lost data from computers as well portable hard drives or other devices


Aria Infinity also provides design and printing services, it is a One Stop Print Shop for all your design and printing needs.

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