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  • VHS-C

    Our VHS-C video conversion service offers a modern solution for preserving your old home videos. We will transfer your VHS-C tapes onto DVD or digital files on a USB/Hard Disk, providing a modern format that is easy to view and share with friends and family. With our high-quality conversions, you can enjoy your old home videos in a new and modern way, and preserve them for generations to come.


      VHS-C tapes were a popular format for recording home videos in the 1990s, but as technology has advanced, many people are looking to convert their VHS-C tapes to a more modern format such as DVD or digital files (MP4) on a USB/Hard Disk to play on tv and laptop.

      Converting VHS-C to DVD or digital files requires a VHS-C player, a DVD burner or computer with a DVD burner, or a video capture device. You also have other choice to play on any Smart Tv. We have the equipment, we can transfer the VHS-C video to the computer, edit it if desired, and burn it onto a DVD or save it to a USB/Hard Disk.

      We preserve your memories in a format that can be easily viewed and shared with your family and friends.


      No return policy after convert the video. We will let you know if the tape is not working. Customer need to collect the tape from our store. If customer willing to pay for the shipping, we will send via post. 

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